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Measuring RMS Voltage: Many Meters Will Do

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown measures RMS Voltage using 5 difference meters and shares the results.

The Vrmsmax loudspeaker power test requires real-time measurement of the Root-Mean-Square (RMS) voltage of the noise stimulus. RMS measurements have been the subject … Read more

Basic Definitions of Integrating SPL Meters

By Ivo Mateljan

From the ARTA Help files.

This article will give you some basic definitions of Integrating SPL Meters.

The following functions are available in the ARTA™ virtual SPL meter:

L – Time-weighted Sound Pressure Level (F, S, … Read more

Meaningful Metering for an Audio Waveform

By Pat Brown

There are at least three significant parameters that can be monitored for audio waveform – Peak, RMS and average. Pat explains each of them.

It is beneficial for the sound system operator to have some visual feedback … Read more

Battery Endurance – Which battery will last the longest?

By Pat Brown

Which battery will last the longest?  Pat Brown does a study  to evaluate the battery endurance of several brands.

A recent discussion on the SAC listserv prompted me to conduct a run-down test on 9V and AA … Read more

Direct-Field Coverage Quick-Check

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

Dale Shirk presents a practical way to check direct-field coverage in live spaces using tools you may already own.

It seems logical to stroll around in a room with a sound level meter … Read more

Anatomy of a Service Call

Pat Brown took an average and simple service call and documented his steps to finding the problem and his solution to the problem.

By Pat Brown

The sound system in the Chapel at a local nursing home had all of … Read more

Hums, buzzes and RFI – Audio Ghostbusting

By Dale Shirk

Dale Shirks presents a handy tool to help us keep Hums, buzzes and RFI out of the audio systems.

Hums, buzzes and RFI are caused by ghosts. I’m convinced of it! Little gremlins that we cannot see, … Read more

What Kind of Audio Meter is best for Monitoring Loudness?

By Pat Brown

Monitoring the loudness with an audio meter can’t prevent unnecessary noise and distortion.  Pat addresses two types the Volume Indicator and Peak Program Meter.

Is your audio gear operating in the optimum part of its dynamic range? … Read more

Loudspeaker Toaster – An Abbreviated Loudspeaker Power Test

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown presents an abbreviated loudspeaker power test that you can do at home. It includes the necessary details, including the equipment setup.

The 2005 Newsletters included a number of articles related to loudspeaker power ratings and … Read more