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Acoustical Scattering

by Richard Honeycutt

This article will help you understand Acoustical Scattering.

As we all know, sound propagates as a wave. But under certain conditions, we can simplify our analyses by pretending that it moves as particles or rays. A wave … Read more

How To Model Audience Absorption

by Richard Honeycutt

This article shed some insights on a method for modeling audience absorption.

Many contractors, and not a few consultants, may not have given much thought to the best method of modeling audience absorption. Back in the early … Read more

Acoustical Models that Make Sense

by Richard Honeycutt

In this article, Richard Honeycutt compares predictions of four different modeling programs.  The results were surprising.

While preparing a series of columns on acoustical modeling software for AudioXpress Magazine (April, May, June, and July 2014 issues), I … Read more

More on Testing Loudspeaker Installations

by Richard Honeycutt

Testing Loudspeaker installations using a 1/3-octave RTA and it’s two major side-effects.

A 1/3-octave RTA is by far the most common tool used to evaluate sound-system output. Figure 1 shows a typical 1/3-octave RTA display. An RTA … Read more

Designing Sound Systems Using Horns

by Richard Honeycutt

In this article, Richard Honeycutt looks at some advantages to designing a sound systems using horns.

“What’s wrong with our sound system?”

When I am engaged to answer that question, I often find that the main issue … Read more

Assessing Needs For Sound Systems

By Richard Honeycutt

In this article, Richard Honeycutt addresses the importance of assessing the need for sound systems before designing them. It includes a checklist.

Photo of a fellowship hall.Some years ago, I was asked to design a sound system for a new church … Read more

Fixing Speakers

By Richard Honeycutt

In this article, Richard Honeycutt gives some good advice on fixing speakers.

A prospective client recently asked how I would recommend adding tweeters to the existing speakers in his church. This question brought up years of memories! … Read more