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Fine Points of Aiming One-box Line Arrays- Part I

by Richard Honeycutt

Poor speaker aiming is an all-too-common sound-system problem. This article will help you understand the radiation patterns of line arrays.

With single direct-radiator and horn speakers, the problem usually originates in the installer’s LAR (“looks about right”) … Read more

The Myth of Impedance Matching

by Richard Honeycutt, Ph. D.

Richard addresses the myth about impedance matching.

In almost every AC electrical theory course, impedance matching is presented as important, or even desirable. Much is made of the “Maximum Power Transfer Theorem”. Altogether too little … Read more

MYTH? "Do People Absorb Sound?"

By Richard Honeycutt

In this article, Richard addresses this question, “Do People Absorb Sound”. The answer is not as simple as it can appear.

Do people absorb sound? Room diagramA post to an audio discussion group raised the question this blog discusses. The short answer … Read more


by Richard Honeycutt

In this article, Richard addresses four common myths that has grown up in the audio field.

Through the years, a number of urban legends have grown up in the audio field. These are promulgated by two types … Read more