Entries by Richard Honeycutt

CALCULATING Reverberation Time (RT)

Since the introduction of computerized acoustical analysis software, acousticians often build and run computer models to predict the reverberation time (RT). Yet there are still cases in which manual RT calculations are helpful.

We all know that Wallace Clement Sabine’s … Read more

Miking Audiences / Congregations

by Richard Honeycutt

A new layer of complexity for miking audiences is now apparent with streaming.  Richard points out some common problems and solutions.

We are all aware of the sudden increase in streaming resulting from social assembly restrictions. But … Read more

Why Do We Equalize In 1/3-Octave Bands?

by Richard Honeycutt

Richard Honeycutt explains why most equalize in 1/3 Octave Bands. He has included 30 sound clips so readers can evaluate the perceptibility of frequency-response deviations.

A recent forum thread has discussed the question of why we EQ … Read more

Church Attendance Influences Room Acoustics

by Richard Honeycutt

Richard does a beautiful job showing how reduced attendance can influence room acoustics.

The demographics of churches are changing, and the change definitely brings acoustical issues. As an example, I’ll use a church with acoustical and sound … Read more