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Collecting Binaural Data for Recordings – Accuracy vs Realism

By Pat Brown

This article will look at some of the ways to get binaural data with emphasis on microphone techniques.

The human auditory system is equipped with two input ports – the left and right ears. This “binaural” processing … Read more

The Floor-Bounce-Effect – Mic Placement for Equalization

By Pat Brown

Pat Brown addresses the importance of considering the floor-bounce-effect in the equalization process.

When a microphone or listener is positioned above the floor plane, the reflection produced by the floor modifies what is heard by the listener. … Read more

Room Modeling Details

by Pat Brown

This article will answer this question: Room modeling for loudspeaker coverage in high detail takes a lot of time. Is it worth it?


In “The Octagon – Part 2” I presented computer-based room models of varying … Read more

A Do-it-Yourself Guide to Computing the Speech Transmission Index

By Farrel Becker

In this article, Farrel Becker shares the steps required to compute the Speech Transmission Index (STI) from a measured impulse response.

The Speech Transmission Index (STI) is a method of measuring speech intelligibility in noisy and/or reverberant … Read more

Sound System Designers Site Surveys – Three things to Consider

By Pat Brown

Sound System Designers site surveys should include the Acoustical environment, Ambient noise and radio frequency survey.  Learn why these are so important.

Site surveys are a necessary part of all construction trades. The ground must be firm … Read more

Early Decay Time – Wrap Up

By Pat Brown

In this article, Pat Brown addresses some subtleties regarding early decay time calculation and significance.

The Spring installment of our Newsletter featured an exposé on the Early-Decay Time and its relevance to the design of a sound … Read more

Ideal vs Real Loudspeaker Directivity

By Pat Brown

Understanding the ideal loudspeaker directivity will form an understanding of the trade-offs involved in real-world devices.

When it comes to loudspeakers and the audio marketplace, one word comes to mind-diversity. How can there be so many different … Read more

What's a DLL? and when do I need one?

By Pat Brown

This article addresses some specifics of the direct field prediction process, specifically the sound radiation patterns from loudspeaker arrays and if DLL is a useful too.

The predictions performed by acoustic prediction software can be divided into … Read more

Fixing the Drywall Box

A low budget solution to a common acoustical problem

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

With today’s financial pressures, many churches and schools are trying to build their facilities as inexpensively as possible. Almost invariably, this leads to the … Read more

"In Situ" Absorption Coefficients – Part 2

Meaningful Metrics – By Pat Brown

The best data comes from actual measurements. The absorption coefficients of a surface can be measured “in situ” with almost any measurement system. Here is a method and some caveats.

If you own a … Read more