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How Do Boundaries Affect Loudspeakers?

By Pat Brown

Can a room boundary be a “tool of the trade” for the audio practitioner? This study will provide some insight on how boundaries affect loudspeakers.

It’s nearly impossible to mount a loudspeaker in a room without placing … Read more

Far-field Criteria for Loudspeaker Balloon Data

By Pat Brown

Measuring the far-field criteria for large devices is different than small devices.  In this article, Pat will give you some things to consider as well as guidelines.

The most common reference distance for loudspeaker SPL specifications is … Read more

Loudspeaker Power Ratings – Why all the Fuss About Power?

By Pat Brown

Loudspeaker power ratings is a confusing topic in the audio industry. In this article, Pat brings some clarity.

It is generally accepted that a large loudspeaker power rating is a sign of quality and something to be … Read more

Manifold Drivers – How Much Additional SPL is Realized.

By: Pat Brown

How much additional SPL is realized with manifolded compression drivers? Pat Brown made some measurements and shared the results.

A recent thread on the Syn-Aud-Con email discussion group concerned manifolded compression drivers. How much additional SPL is … Read more

Using Limiters to Help Protect Loudspeakers

By Charlie Hughes

In this article, Charlie Hughes will help you understand how limiters can be used to provide protection from over excursion.

Using limiters to protect loudspeakers is nothing new. In many applications a limiter is placed immediately in … Read more

Target SPL and Required Amplifier Size

By Charles Hughes

This article touches on two things: The required amplifier size so that a given loudspeaker may achieve a target SPL and caution that must be used when driving loudspeakers with the very large amplifiers.

In a previous … Read more

How Loud is a Shuttle Launch?

By Pat Brown

How Loud is a Shuttle Launch? Pat Brown decided to record the space shuttle launch. He documented his findings in this article.

Our recent trip to Orlando for the NSCA show afforded us the opportunity to observe … Read more

Axial Sensitivity – Sense and Sensitivity

By Jeremy Johnston

One of the many specifications included in loudspeaker specification sheets is the Axial Sensitivity of the loudspeaker. This article clears up some confusion on this topic.

One of the many specifications included in loudspeaker specification sheets is … Read more

Post-Processing to get Sound Pressure Level " SPL "

Meaningful Metrics – By Pat Brown

Pat Brown shows  the procedure for recording Multichannel wave files to provide the sound pressure level (SPL) history of the event.

So how loud is a college football game in an open-air stadium with … Read more

Direct-Field Coverage Quick-Check

Theory and Practice – By Dale Shirk

Dale Shirk presents a practical way to check direct-field coverage in live spaces using tools you may already own.

It seems logical to stroll around in a room with a sound level meter … Read more